Changes in opening hours

Dear All,

Pursuant to the new government decree created due to the Covid-19 situation, our opening hours will be temporarily adjusted accordingly. We have to close at 7pm and everyone has to get home by 8pm. As long as the new regulation is in effect, the last appointment, which we can give for facials and any other services that take 1.5-2 hours, will change from 18.00 to 17.00 for the next 30 days. Anyone whose appointment is affected will be contacted.

We are trying to be as flexible as possible to give you an appointment and to keep as few people in the salon as possible to protect all of us. In this situation, we are also struggling to stay alive, as many others, and we hope that with you, with your help, this can happen and our small team can stay together. We’ve devised alternatives to give an appointment to those who can only come after work. Let's take care of each other!