Guinot Aromatic Facial Treatment

Guinot aromatic facial is recommended for those who like essential oils. It's a relaxing beauty treatment that can improve the hydration of extra dry skin significantly. The aroma mask can be used in any treatment, it soothes the sensitive skin efficiently.

We use the following essential oils depending on your skin condition:

Guinot Aromatic facial with essential oilsConfort: nourishing oil

Equilibre: oil for oily or combination skin

Vitalité: vitalizing oil

Sérénité: soothing oil

Energie: energizing oil

During the treatment those oils are knead in your skin  with specific facial massage technique. After massage a Guinot aroma mask is applied on your face, neck and decollete, which contains a mixture of essential oils, it's a real scent cavalcade. While the mask is drying, your arms are also massaged with essential oils. The aroma mask turns into a rubber like mask that can be gently removed from your skin.

Guinot Aromatic facial is recommended for all skin types and for all ages. After the treatment your skin becomes more hydrated and more glowing.

Treatment process:

1. Cleansing skin

2. Applying essential oils

3. Applying anti-aging Guinot aroma mask on face, neck and decollete

4. Arm massage with essential oils

5. Cleansing skin

6. Applying finsihing cream

Duration: 55 minutes

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Guinot Aromatic facial treatment