Guinot Aromatic Relaxing Body Massage

Guinot aromatic anti-stress body massageWe recommend the Guinot aroma relax body massage to those clients who would like to let off steam and get rid of stress, even if only for an hour, by shutting out the noise of the external world. This body massage is an outstanding stress-relieving treatment because the various essential oils used during the massage allow you to recreate completely. Besides their calming effect Guinot essential oils moisturize and firm your skin. By the end of the massage your skin will be smooth like never before and you will regain the feeling of well-being and tranquility. This treatment combines a cane sugar-kiwi scrub with anti-stress massage.

Treatment process:

  • A 30 minute coddling massage using the cane sugar-kiwi wonder scrub of Guinot. With gentle massage moves we remove dead skin cells and allow your skin to breathe again by making it more permeable and receptive.
  • A 30 minute coddling, gentle massage using Guinot essential oils. Guinot essential oils are from natural sources containing the extracts of plant parts such as fragrant seeds, blooms, tree root and bark.
  • Your only task is to shut out the external world for an hour, indulge in the amazing fragrance composition and focus on relaxation while expert hands are working on you.