Age Summum - Brand new anti-aging-treatment

Guinot Age Summum treatment (from age 35), duration of treatment: at least 60 minutes

Age Summum is Guinot's brand new manual, hyaluronic acid anti-aging treatment developed for mature skin. The treatment rejuvenates your skin in 4 steps and it can reduce the depth of wrinkles by 49 degrees.

Guinot Age Summum brand new anti-aging treatmentStep 1:

Main active agents:

  • double microparticles (peeling and shea microparticles)
  • fatty acids (sweet almond oil, liposkin)

With a dermabrasion peeling creme we massage your neck, face and decolletage to remove dead skin cells and help the skin absorb the anti-aging active agents completely.

Step 2:

Two component Guinot high-tech treatment:

  • Phase 1: Cellular Life Complex with 56 active biological active agents, which are necessary to cell function, they stimulate cell regeneration and metabolism.
  • Phase 2: Pure vitamin C - it stimulates collagen sythesis and its antioxidant effect makes your skin naturally glow.
Step 3:

Hyaluronic acid facial massage creme and the 15 step manual massage technique activate the real skin rejuvenation for a tauter, smoother look.

Guinot Age Summum facial massage:

Main active agents:

  • hyaluronic acid
  • Cellular Life Complex with 56 active biological ingredients
  • hydrolysed DNA
  • Pro-Oxygen
  • Bio-peptide
Step 4:

Main active agents:

  • stabilized vitamin C
  • hyaluronic acid
  • Pro-collagen
  • Dinalift
  • Hydroctite

A fabric mask sodden with hyaluronic acid and vitamin C that completely fits your face.

If you buy a course of 3, you get a Guinot muscle stimulation facial gymnastics for free at every turn.

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