Guinot Anti-aging de lux combined, skin renewing treatment

Skin aging is a complex biological process affected by external and internal factors. Production of elastine and collagen decreases with age, connective tissue loses elasticity, lines and wrinkles appear and skin becomes saggy. Healthy skin is a symbol of well-being, therefore several anti-aging treatments and products have been invented over the past decades.

The goal of the anti-aging treatments is to slow down skin aging and improve the skin's structure. Strenghtening the skin barrier, deep hydration, reinforcing cell activity and boosting elastine and collagen synthesis are of high priority in this process. Our brand new anti-aging treatment combines the most effective Guinot anti-aging products with oxygen therapy and led mask in order to give your skin all the active agents that make it look young and radiant. The treatment is applied on the face-neck-decollete area, around the eyes and on the hands. The Guinot Anti-aging de lux treatment restores skin's elasticity, reduces the depth of wrinkles and smoothes out fine lines.

Treatment process:

  • cleaning the skin with Guinot Clean Logic lotion
  • peeling face-neck-decollete
  • machine treatment using hydrogels + Guinot Eye Logic gel
  • machine treatment Guinot Eye Logic
  • oxygen therapy
  • Guinot serum massage - anti-aging active ingredients, Guinot Eye Logic
  • Guinot hand massage
  • lip care
  • Guinot anti-aging masks + Guinot Eye Logic mask
  • 15 minutes of Led Mask

Duration: 90 minutes