Guinot Hydradermie Purete de lux - combined treatment for oily skin

Guinot Hydradermie Purete de lux facial

This facial is a combination of Guinot Hydradermie and Guinot Equilibre Purete treatments. It cleans and rebalances the oily and combination skin, eliminates shine, reduces imperfections and improves complexion. Furthermore, Hydradermie Purete de lux treatment also increases the skin's hydration level and has an anti-aging effect. During the treatment we apply the active agents your skin needs, so your skin will be mattified, hydrated, pores will be narrowed and wrinkles will be filled up.

Steps of the treatment:

- cleansing (milk/lotion)

- Thermique Heating Exfoliator (warming enzyme peel - 5 min.)

- skin type based hydrogels with eye wrinkle gel, neck-decollete gel (skin is softened painlessly by a Guinot Hydradermie machine, without using steam)

- purifying

- sterilising

- microdermabrasion

- oxygen treatment

- Purete Purifying Mask + any other mask as needed

- hand massage with Guinot essential oils

- Guinot Acnilogic cream serum

- face-neck-decollete massage with Guinot serums

- eye care

- erasing lines around mouth

- finishing cream

- coverage cream


Length of the treatments: 120 min.