Guinot Hydradermie Whitening De Lux

Let us introduce our brand new pigment spots treatment, Guinot Hydradermie Whitening De Lux (from age 30).

Duration of treatment: 2 hours


We recommend the Guinot Hydradermie Whitening De Lux treatment for those who suffer from skin pigmentation disorders. Pigmentary disorders usually appear after vacation, during and after pregnancy and in later life. Please, note that the treatment can be the most effective if the pigmentation problem is in the epidermis. This cannot be diagnosed by looking at your face, but after the first treatment we can get an answer which layer of the skin is injured. The main active agents of the treatment are vitamin C, Melanoxyl, Sodium Lactae, Tyr-OI, copper gluconate.

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Steps of the treatment:
  • cleaning the face with fading milk tonic
  • enzyme peeling
  • double ionization with Longue Vie Soleil softening gel, besides this we use separate gel around the eyes and for the decolletage
  • cleaning the skin
  • disinfecting the skin
  • microdermabrasion
  • oxygen regenerating peel off mask
  • Guinot oxygen treatment
  • eye care
  • treating wrinkles around the mouth
  • fabric mask sodden with fading active agents
  • finishing creme
  • cover creme

Guinot Newhite products


For home treatment we recommend the Lotion Eclat Blancheur cleaning tonic, Créme Jour Eclaircissante SPF 30 as a day creme and Créme Nuit Eclaircissante as a night creme. Additionally you can regenerate your skin with Serum Eclaircissant Vitamine C, which is the 14 day long cure of Guinot Whitening.




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