Meso Sense - Needleless mesotherapy

Meso sense needleless mesotherapyMesotherapy is the only method to introduce the sterile active substances into the deepest layers of the skin. Needleless mesotherapy is a painless anti-wrinkle treatment that facilitates collagen and elastin production, tones up, hydrates and firms the skin.

Due to electroporation meso sense is nearly as efficient in inserting active agents like hyaluron acid, vitamin complexes into the deeper layers of skin as the traditional, needle mesotherapy (mesolift). The electrical pulses emitted by the Meso sense machine momentarily disrupt the cell membrane, allowing the entry of active substances. When the pulse ceases, the cell membrane returns to its original structure. Electroporation dramatically increases skin's permeability.

The invisible, but real "channels" created in the skin cells for just a few seconds are allowing us to send any kind of active agents (independently of molecule weight) down into that deeper layer to make real changes in the skin. During mesotherapy only sterile, completely clean products are allowed to use: they don't contain additives, so they don't cause allergic reaction or infection. Needleless mesotherapy is a safe, painless, side effect free treatment. Meso sense treatment can insert up to 90% of active substances into the skin.

Meso sense should not be confused with plain ultra sound treatment as needleless mesotherapy provides spectacular and visible results. Here are some tips that could help you distinguish needleless mesotherapy from plain ultra sound treatment:

- ampule is always opened in front of the client

- active agents are drawn up in the syringe in front of the client

- beauticians are allowed to use at most 3% concentrated hyaluron acid, which is written on the ampule. Of course, lower concentrations are also available.

- your skin, beautician's hands and the treating head are always desinfected.

Needleless mesotherapy is suitable and effective for the following aesthetic problems:

  • treating inflamed, acne skin with vitamins
  • hydrating mature, dry skin
  • diminishing the signs of rosacea
  • smoothing out fine lines
  • smoothing out crow's feet, wrinkles on the face and decolletage
  • softening the back of the hand, fading age spots
  • brightening pigment spots
  • treating cellulite
  • body firming
  • fat reduction

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Meso sense needleless mesotherapy anti-aging treatment