Theladerm Air - Skin rejuvenation with the power of natural oxygen

How does polluted air impair your skin?

Polluted air can upset the skin's balance, disorders may occur in the natural functioning of the epidermis. Because of the low level of oxygen the first signs of early aging appear on the skin:

  • cell activity declines
  • the renewal of dermis and epidermis slows down
  • the quantity of collagen and elastin fibres drops
  • skin loses flexibility
  • skin becomes dull and fatigue
The role of natural oxygen

Skin needs two things to regenerate: water and oxygen. Theladerm Air treatment introduces high-pressure oxygen taken from the enviroment and anti-aging agents into the skin; it fills the wrinkles, firms and tones up the skin painlessly, without needle and recovery time. Oxygen stimulates the skin's natural functioning, improves its structure and promotes cell regeneration. The anti-aging effect of the treatment reveals itself immediately, the skin structure becomes more dense, the collagen and elastin synthesis gets better, wrinkles smooth out.

The oxygen treatment can work wonders, combining it with anti-aging ingredients (e.g. hyaluronic acid, argireline) achieves remarkable results beyond all expectations. Hyaluronic acid is known for its water binding ability, it can absorb as much water as the volume of the molecules. Argireline is a natural protein, which improves the skin structure and delays wrinkle forming. It can provide the same results as botox, without side effects.

The pressure of 2,2 bars ensures that the ingredients reach and infiltrate in the deeper layers of the skin safely. The Theladerm machine introduces oxygen and anti-aging ingredients gently into the skin, filling up the space located between cells. It plumps up the skin and smoothes out the wrinkles.





Effects of the oxygen treatment:
  • stimulates the collagen and elastin production

  • skin gets firmer and vital

  • cell metabolism improves

  • skin's hydration becomes balanced

  • wrinkles decrease and disappear

  • lifting effect emphasizes the face contour

  • pigment and age spots fade

Which other treatments can Theladerm be combined with?

The oxygen skin rejuvenating treatment can be included in any Guinot facial and anti-aging treatment as it can boost their impact and promotes the absorption of active ingredients.

We have achieved spectacular results in wrinkle filling with the combination of Theladerm and Led mask, which are demonstrated by the pictures below:

Oxygen treatment results

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