Liftosome - Skin firming and wrinkle filling facial treatment

Liftosome is one of the most effective and spectacular Guinot treatments due to its  vitamin C and pro-collagen content. It restores your skin's freshness and youthfulness. We gently rub a lifting serum containing pro-collagen and vitamin C into your skin, which enhances cell activity and gives back elasticity. The next step is to put on a thermal mask. Under this thermal mask the ginseng and orange concentrates diffuse, so the lines of your face get smoother. These active agents combined with the warming effect fill up the skin with new energy and regenerate the cells. After the treatment the signs of weariness disappear and the skin becomes radiant.

Super ingredients with skin smoothing effect:

  • Serum rich in vitamins firms the flexible fibres: the serum cocktail containing the prescious vitamins E, F, C takes aim at the "heart" of your skin in order to improve the cell functions and restore the elasticity of the cells
  • The lifting effect of the ginseng and orange extracts: the ginseng and orange extracts, which can be found in the thermal mask used as a second step of the treatment, regenerate the face skin and soften the lines. Due to their skin smoothing effect you skin rejuvenates in minutes.
  • Chitin for softening your skin: we massage a jelly into your skin, which increases the skin's tautness. Your skin becomes smooth and soft.

Liftosome is recommended in the following cases:

  • fatigue
  • when the signs of aging appear
  • if you need instant radiance on your face
  • during and after diet

Frequency of the treatment:

For an immediate effect: one treatment at special occasions

For a long-lasting effect: a cure of 2 treatments for two weeks, once a week. This cure can be repeated 4-6 times a year.

Visible results after the treatment:

  • Your skin becomes tauter
  • The lines are softer and smoother, the signs of tiredness disappear
  • Your skin is radiant.

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