Guinot Detoxygene - detoxifying, hydrating and oxygenating treatment

Guinot Detoxygene treatment

Detoxygene is a new facial treatment from Guinot. It detoxifies the skin and increases its permeability. Guinot Detoxygene facial removes pollution and toxins from the skin's surface, and fills up the skin with oxygene. It's suitable for all skin types, we recommend it as the first step of any anti-aging treatment.

Guinot Detoxygene treament consists of 4 steps.

Detoxygene creams

1. Cleansing and toning

2. Detoxygene Exfoliation

It removes polluted dead skin cells filled. Active ingredients: papaya extract, cellulose

3. Detoxygene Detoxifying Mask

It detoxifies the skin's surface by removing pollution and toxins. Its active ingredints are

  • EDTA attracts heavy metals
  • green clay absorbs toxins.

Detoxifying mask is applied onto a gauze sheet, so it can be removed easely. Clay mask might be giving you a warm tingly feeling.

4. Detoxygene Oxygenating Massage Cream

It oxygenates the skin's surface. Micro-circulation is stimulated manually while the active ingredients of the massage cream affects the skin cells. Actinergie enhances cell activity and the cells' oxygen consumption, ATP provides energy, Purisoft protects your skin from pollution and Dermaline hydrates your skin and smoothes out fine lines.

After the treatment your skin becomes even, fresh and hydrated. Guinot Detoxygene can be repeated regularly.

Treatment duration: 60 minutes.

In favour of a long lasting effect we recommend combining Guinot Detoxygene and Theladerm Air Oxygen treament. The 2 treatments permanently hydrates your skin and makes you feel more comfortable in your skin.

Treatment duration: 90 minutes.

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Guinot Detoxygene facial