Guinot Face and Eye Lift volume treatment

We recommend Guinot Face and Eye Lift treatment for those clients whose skin has lost its elasticity, it's loose and saggy. The treatment involves face gymnastics carried out by the Guinot machine, which also stimulates those muscles that we can't move voluntarily.

Result of this special treatment is a spectacular lifting effect not only on the face, but also on droopy eyelids. After a few sessions your skin and eyelids become firmer and tighter, wrinkles disappear and you will have a fresh and juvenal look.

Guinot Face and Eye Lift treatment is recommended for every age group, because it can prevent your skin from loosing its flexibility, and it can also reduce the visible signs of aging. Due to its high vitamine C and active ingredient content Guinot Face and Eye Lift is one of the most effective anti-aging treatments.

Treatment process:

  • cleansing
  • muscle stimulation (face and around the eyes) using Age Logic face and eye serum cream
  • special face and eye massage using Age Logic massage cream
  • Age Logic eye mask

Duration: 80 minutes


Guinot face and eye lift treatment