Cold Vitalaser

Vitalaser Anti-aging Facial Treatment

Wrinkle filling with Cold Vitalaser

(Natural hyaluron nanogel)

Cold Vitalaser

Vitalaser treatment is a painless, side effect free skin rejuvenating treatment. Cold vitalaser can be used effectively in cosmetic wrinkle filling, it regenerates the skin of face, neck, decolletage and hand, which marks the passage of time. This laser anti-wrinkle treatment is one of the most popular hyaluronacid treatments.

Personalised anti-aging program

Goal: biological cell rejuvenation

The treatment efficiently corrects the problems of skin aging, moreover the laser light can also heal the inflamed, acne skin successfully. After the first treatment results are already visible. Vitalaser is one of the safest laser types, the most up-to-date technology against wrinkles. It emits visible light, but burning  is out of question as the treating head cools itself continuously. The treating head contains 6 laser light sources, so a relatively large, 4,5 cm area can be covered and treated.  The treatment is gentle, absolutely painless.

Vitalaser treatment in Guinot Beauty Salon Budapest

We use Vitalaser lifting gel that is a molecular, undiluted hyaluron nanogel, whose molecules can be introduced during a biological process into the basal layer of skin. Hyaluron nanogel is made with biotechnological practices from natural, non-animal hyaluron acid.  It doesn't cause allergies. During Vitalaser treatment the lost hyaluron acid can be restored in the skin and you can feel the effects immediately, and the results are long-lasting.

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Vitalaser's effects on skin cells:

  • it works as a biological catalyser, it warms the tissues
  • it enhances cell formation and regeneration
  • it stimulates the growth of new cells
  • it changes the skin's permeability as the lipoids of cell membrane are realigned
  • production of collagen and elastic fibres intensifies
  • due to its antiinflammatory activity smaller inflammations lets up
  • it activates the collagen synthesis, increases the energy production of cells (ATP)
  • it rearranges the subcutaneous layers
  • it regulates the mutual flows between inner and outer cell structures
  • it increases the capillary permeability
  • it tones up the blood vessels
Before After
Vitalaser anti-wrinkle treatment neck before Vitalaser anti-wrinkle treatment neck after
Vitalaser wrinkle filling forehead before Vitalaser wrinkle filling forehead after


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