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Guinot TechiSpa - vacuum fat reduction & cellulite treatment 3 in 1

Guinot Technispa machine - body treatment

Cellulite is a big foe of women (and men too) since its emergence is unfortunately unavoidable. You can get rid of it for a while but it always returns. Beside the appropriate nourishment and regular exercises we need to pay attention to skin care.

Cellulite or orange peel syndrome is a condition in which the skin appears to have areas with underlying fat deposits, giving it a dimpled, lumpy appearance. Excess fat not transformed into energy is stored in the connective tissue; fat cells are surrounded by a mucous capsule, which makes fat reduction and metabolism more difficult. Water accumulates and the connective tissue becomes edematous. Cellulite is most noticeable on the buttocks and thighs. Although cellulite can affect both sexes, it is much more common in females, mainly because they are more likely to have particular types of fat and connective tissue.

Guinot TechniSpa treatment provides you guaranteed weight loss and decreases your circumference by 4-5 cm during a 6-10 session treatment. Cellulite gets barely visible after 1-2 treatments.

Guinot technipsa cellulite and slimming body treatment

We carry out 3 kinds of slimming treatment at once with the Guinot TechniSpa machine:

  1. Using a lypolitic gel we massage and scatter the cellulite, kick-starting the blood circulation and the lymph flow in the connective tissue.
  2. We ionize the skin – at the same time with the vacuum massage - with a firming gel to achieve the perfect effect. This double function of  Guinot TechniSpa is exceptional on the beauty market.
  3. Muscles are forced to contract and calories are burnt by this means. Muscles get tight, the micro circulation increases and toxins go off from the system.
Active ingredients:
  • Glycolic acid: it has an exfoliating effect, it removes dead cells
  • Methyl nicolate: increases metabolism
  • Red wine extract: accelerates micro circulation
  • Horse chestnut: reduces edema
  • Yerba mate extract: facilitates lymph flow
  • Nutelin: stimulates fibroblasts
  • Vitamin C: increases collagen production
  • Liftilin: tones up and firms the tissues
Guinot TechniSpa is not recommended in the following cases:
  • pregnancy
  • varicose veins
  • thrombosis
  • diabetes
  • mental disease

In case of a 10 session treatment we give you a Guinot slimming cream for FREE.

Please, take into account that none of the body treatments can alone slim your body. In order to achieve permanent result you have to pay attention on your diet and do excercises. Body treatment always has to be treated as an additional way to improve your look, it can't be the one and only solution.

Besides lifestyle changes regularity has a main role, too in body slimming. Guinot Technispa body treatment has to be repeated at regular intervals to improve your skin conditions permanently and effectively. Due to repeats your skin first becomes firmer and more hydrated, then cellulite begins to decrease and it can disappear. But if you break up the course, cellulite may return.

At the end of the course Guinot TechniSpa treatment provides you weight loss and decreases your circumference.

Muscle stimulation: main active ingredients are nutein that stimulates fibroblasts, and vitamine C that enhances collagen production.

Vacuum massage: active ingredients are liporeductin complex that breaks down fat, and red wine extract that mitigates edema.

Ionization: it biologically resolves cellulite.

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