Guinot Beauté Neuve treatment against pigment spots

Beauté Neuve anti-pigmentation treatmentIn the modern world our skin is exposed to many negative effects such as stress, harmful sunlight, smoking and fatigue, and all those impacts leave their mark on your skin. Pigment spots often appear, mainly after summer, on the skin, and getting rid of them gives plenty to think about. The fruit acid double peeling treatment of Guinot provides a solution for pigmentation disorders.

Beauté Neuve is an anti-aging, cell rejuvenating and anti-pigmentation treatment from Guinot. It removes dead cells responsible for dull complexions and reduces the appearance of pigment spots. The double peeling method brightens the skin colour of your face and restore the radiance of your skin by enabling dead cells to be gently removed.

The treatment consists of 3 steps:
  1. Dead cells are removed by using fruit acids, which come from mainly apple, grape and citrus fruits.
  2. Cell regenerating serum is gently rubbed in the face-neck-decolletage and your skin will be reborn.
  3. Finally a vitamin C enriched mask is put on your that brings back the radiance of your skin by regenerating the elastic fibres and lightening the brown spots.

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