Body care

Guinot Age Logic Cellulaire CorpsAge Logic Cellulaire Corps

Anti-aging body cream. It recreates the appearance of young skin by firming and toning the skin. The 56 cellular actives slow down the cellular aging process by decreasing the effects of free radicals.

Use daily, morning and evening.




Guinot Créme Specifique VergeturesCréme Specifique Vergetures

Stretch mark cream. It fights against the formation of stretch marks and lessens their appearance by increasing the elasticity and the firmness of the skin.

Use morning and evening for best results.




Guinot Douche Créme HydrazoneDouche Créme Hydrazone

Cleansing and moisturizing shower cream for the body. It nourishes and softens the skin, ridding it of dry roughness. It's suitable all skin types, from dry to sensitive.

Gently enough for everyday use. Apply over wet skin, massaging gently, then rinse thoroughly.




Guinot NutrilogicNutrilogic

Gentle and soothing body balm for dry skin. It nourishes and softens the skin with lipids and essential fatty acids. It leaves skin supple and hydrated.

Apply liberally to the body, focusing on areas of dryness




Guinot Hydrazone CorpsHydrazone Corps

Moisturizing body lotion. It provides long lasting, deep hydration and leaves the skin more supple and smooth to the touch.

Massage gently into dry skin, once or twice a day after a shower or a bath.





Guinot Lait Hydra BronzeLait Hydra Bronze

Gradual moisturizing tan lotion for body. It gives skin a gradual golden tan without streaking while delivering intense moisture to keep the skin soft.

Use 2 or 3 times a week depending on the desired result. Apply evenly to the face and body, taking care to avoid the eyebrows.




Guinot Huile MirificHuile Mirific

Nourishing dry beauty oil for the body and hair. It nourishes and illuminates the skin by restoring softness and hydration to skin and hair. It also protects against free radical damage.

Use after a bath for soft skin.




Guinot Longue Vie CorpsLongue Vie Corps

Vitalizing body cream. It regenerates the skin's structure and moisturizes, softens and smoothes the skin.

Apply morning and/or evening to the entire body.





Guinot Longue Vie BusteLongue Vie Buste

Cellular firming bust care. This serum cream enhances the beauty of the bust and neckline, recreating youth and elasticity. It also evens out skin tone by diminishing pigmentation marks and prevents the appearance of stretch marks.

Use morning and evening.





Guinot Minceur Chrono LogicMinceur Chrono Logic

Concentrated anti-cellulite serum cream. It reduces stubborn cellulite due to its high concentration of active ingredients. The results are visible after 15 days of use. The skin is firmer and smoother.

For 15 days in a row, apply morning and evening to desired areas using circular motions.





Guinot Minceur RapidMinceur Rapide

Intense body shaping cream gel. It prevents cellulite by stimulating microcirculation and draining excess fluid in the tissues.

Apply morning and/or evening on sensitive areas like thighs, bottom, belly and arms.





Guinot Parfum de VieParfum de Vie

An intense body spray with rich and alluring fragrance for women. It's perfect for all over the body and is suitable for day or night wear. It leaves the skin feeling invigorated and radiant.





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