Products after hair removal

Guinot Epil FreshEpil Fresh

Soothing spray used after hair removal treatment. It calms the skin, eases irritation, removes wax residue and leaves the skin soft.





Guinot Depil LogicDepil Logic

Face and body serum to slow hair regrowth. It slows hair regrowth and soothes the skin instantly.

Apply to areas of concern (face and body) for two days following hair removal.





Guinot Epil Confort CorpsEpil Confort Corps

Soothing gel for body. It helps retard hair re-growth. Hair grows back more slowly, thinner and lighter-coloured. It also soothes the skin after hair removal, moisturizes and refreshes the skin.

Gently massage into skin after hair removal. Use daily for best results.




Guinot Epil Confort VisageEpil Confort Visage

Soothing anti-regrowth gel cream for face. It soothes, moisturizes ths skin after hair removal and also slows down hair regrowth and lightens hair colour.

Apply daily on waxed areas.




Guinot Deo Creme Epil SmartDeo Créme Epil Smart

Deodorant cream combining long-lasting deodorant action with hair anti-regrowth effect. It gives underarms long-lasting freshness while soothing and moisturizing it. It reduces redness and slows down hair regrowth. It doesn't contain alcohol and is gentle on the skin.

Apply daily to clean, dry skin.



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